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The brand , founded in 2000, specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide range of attention-grabbing statues and other funny accessories for ice-cream parlours, restaurants, pizza shops, fast-foods, pubs, bars and any other shop. The brightly coloured SCREAMS products are made of fiberglass, a material consisting of glass fibre impregnated with resin. Thanks to the interaction of these two materials the result is a high quality and weather-resistant product. Fibreglass can be used to build boats, cars and other products when lightness and resistance are necessary requirements.
Moreover SCREAMS is specialized in kiosks production.Our kiosk are available in different dimensions both fixed or with trailer, with or without equipment.

, born in 2008, is a new brand created from the classic SCREAMS. to manufacture and sale a wide range of advertising tridimensional statues and figures for ice cream parlours and restaurants. This brand can also manufacture and market any other product required by its sales network and its customers. Emporio products are made of different materials which considerably decrease the costs but still guarantee quite a good quality. The aim of Emporio SCREAMS is to satisfy those customers who are looking for a good product at a low price.

SCREAMS and EMPORIO SCREAMS brands belong to RICO company, an italian company founded in 1972 with a proved experience in production and marketing of mannequins for clothing stores. Visit the website:

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